Toxic VC and the marginal-dollar problem

So about that warning label, perhaps it should be: “Founders: Burn Responsibly.” Think of your company as a car in a race to cross the country with an engine that’s leaking gasoline. The faster you accelerate the engine, the more the car leaks and the greater the risk of explosion. You have two options. You [...]

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RECONSIDER — Signal v. Noise

RECONSIDER — Signal v. Noise.   … The distortion is exacerbated by the fact that people building profitable companies outside the sphere of the VC dominion have little systemic need to tell their story. VCs, on the other hand, need the continuous PR campaign to meet their recruiting goals. They can’t just bag a single [...]

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5 estrategias tecnológicas que te ayudarán a expandir tu pequeño negocio

1. "Se móvil" 2. "Alcanza las nubes" 3. Busca fondos 4. Convierte en social tu compañía 5. Tira la vieja caja registradora En tech republic Final thoughts Your business doesn't have to suffer tired technology and waning growth. By employing some cost-effective means (that have the added benefit of being easy to deploy), you can [...]

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