State of Innovation (report by @CBinsights )

While corporations worry about disruption, do they actually invest in preventing it? ANSWER = NO   Link to .pdf •667 strategy leaders surveyed •66% are $1B in revenue or more •Covering all major industries: financial services business services information technology life sciences insurance industrial manufacturing CPG energy and utilities retail telecommunications media education transportation materials [...]

Forget manuals and Learning Management Systems

Origen: How to shake up conversions with stirring conversations Where the conversation happens matters. According to a 2016 Ovum study, 53 percent of American and German respondents stated that they favor talking with businesses through chat apps versus the phone, mainly because of speed and convenience. Meanwhile, 50.6 percent of consumers responding to a 2016 [...]

Beyond the Hype Cycle: Quantifying Media Attention to Predict Technology Trends

Beyond the Hype Cycle: Quantifying Media Attention to Predict Technology Trends - CB Insights CB Insights Trends provides an objective, real-time, and data-driven perspective on the technologies and trends that business strategists, chief innovation officers, R&D leaders, product marketers, emerging technology teams, investors, and governments should consider in developing their strategies and responses to emerging [...]

internet: 3ª “oleada”

Vía @FundacionJME Steve Case: Get ready, the Internet is about to change again. Here’s how. Third wave The third wave of the Internet is about to break. The opportunity is now shifting to integrating it into everyday life, in increasingly seamless and ubiquitous ways. These third-wave companies will take on some of the economy’s largest [...]

4 consejos para analizar el impacto de una campaña en Internet -por Eva Moya

En el blog de Eva Moya, Magic Words of Intelligence tenéis toda la explicación, que recomendamos leer, sin duda.  Os dejo sis consejos al final:   Google Trends está muy bien, pero lo que más información te dará será el cruce de gráficas entre las herramientas de análisis de redes sociales y el Trends. Así [...]

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