via @detoolbox Building a Bulletproof Startup: Business Model Canvas vs Lean Startup vs Disciplined Entrepreneurship:

An in-depth overview of the methodologies reveals a hidden truth: none of them is universally valid. As I said, there is no one Startup Bible that guarantees redemption from uncertainty and the perilous journey. Each of them focuses on very different aspects of a startup. Using them together, as different tools and toolboxes in the arsenal of an entrepreneur, is the best approach to building a successful venture. Instead of choosing one and hope for the best possible outcome, I would recommend combining them.

Business Model Canvas 

Visual, easy
Focuses on value
Helps with understanding the customer beyond simple marketing parameters

It’s a map of the destination, but with no compass
It has a fixed architecture
Being very minimal, it can give a false impression

vs Lean Startup 

Provides the right mindset for entrepreneurs to deal with uncertainty
Focus directed at user/customer
Important concepts as MVP and pivoting

Could give entrepreneurs a false illusion of progress through failure
Encourages focus on product vs business (build/measure/learn)
Process leaves a lot of room for founders to avoid hard questions and take the wrong approach

vs Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Focus on business side of a startup
Clear and detailed map from beginning to end
Focuses on numbers and process to reduce uncertainty

The steps metaphor gives the false impression of a linear process
Lot of effort in dealing with multiple unknown business variables before getting to the enjoyable part of the process (building the product or technology)
Focus on the path & tools, not on how to be an explorer or the clarity of the destination