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La refundación del capitalismo

Crisis mundial, coronavirus y capitalismo moribundo: un cóctel mortal

El Futuro del Capitalismo


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The Clash of Capitalisms

The advantage of liberal capitalism resides in its political system of democracy. Democracy is desirable in itself, of course, but it also has an instrumental advantage. By requiring constant consultation of the population, democracy provides a powerful corrective to economic and social trends that may be detrimental to the common good. Even if people’s decisions sometimes result in policies that reduce the rate of economic growth, increase pollution, or lower life expectancy, democratic decision-making should, within a relatively limited time period, correct such developments.

Political capitalism, for its part, promises much more efficient management of the economy and higher growth rates. The fact that China has been by far the most economically successful country in the past half century places it in a position to legitimately try to export its economic and political institutions. It is doing that most prominently through the Belt and Road Initiative, an ambitious project to link several continents through improved, Chinese-financed infrastructure.


Frei Betto: “Es totalmente ingenuo querer humanizar el capitalismo”

No debemos esperar al fin del capitalismo para construir el socialismo. Tenemos que construir el socialismo dentro del sistema capitalista, es decir, desarrollar iniciativas populares de solidaridad económica, compartir bienes, fortalecer las bases populares.

Tenemos que denunciar el sistema capitalista pero también tenemos que crear alternativas efectivas a este sistema. De esa manera podremos romper este sistema, pero tenemos que tener iniciativa, debemos hacer presión política construyendo alternativas.

Liberalism—Decline or Survival


Valor compartido: hacia un nuevo capitalismo

Desde la crisis del 2008 el capitalismo transita hacia un nuevo paradigma. El objetivo esencial ya no es la generación de beneficios a corto plazo para los accionistas sino la creación de valor a largo plazo para el conjunto de la sociedad.


Yanis Varoufakis: capitalism isn’t working. Here’s an alternative

Leftists excel at pinpointing what is wrong with capitalism. We wax lyrical about the possibility of some “other” world in which one contributes according to one’s capacities and obtains according to one’s needs. But, when pushed to describe a fully fledged alternative to contemporary capitalism, for many decades we have oscillated between the ugly (a Soviet-like barracks socialism) and the tired (a social democracy that financialised globalisation has rendered infeasible).