Vía @bkoflife “It would be so much simpler if human nature had only one way of getting it wrong around change.”

The Acceptance of Change | The Book of Life

Four key problems can occur around change:
One: When we expect too much of change
Two: When we underestimate the power of change
Three: When change is frightening
Four: When change is slow and messy

A philosophical Turkey would have wondered why the farmer was doing this (feed it).  

The response to complacency is not so much being continually on edge as the attempt to think more deeply. 

The grand people who didn’t invite Barnato to dinner were in effect saying that background is more important than achievement. … In their hierarchy of values, it (unfortunately) mattered more where an idea came from than whether it was any good.  

The discussion of change leads to an intimate, and perhaps deeply important, question – what does one hope will not change?