What Farfetch’s IPO Filing Says About The $300 Billion Luxury Fashion Industry – Wealth-X

1. By 2025, luxury fashion e-commerce will have a quarter of the industry’s market share. 

Industrywide, online’s share of the personal luxury goods market is expected to rise to 25% by 2025 from about 9% last year as the entire market pie will see 45% growth to $446 billion over the same period, from $307 billion last year, Farfetch said in the filing, citing a Bain & Co. study.

2. Yes, credit or (blame) Millennials, and soon Gen Z.

By 2025, the two groups combined, mostly led by Millennials, will represent 45% of total luxury spending. That will beat the 40% share expected to be held by Gen Xers

3. Democratization of luxury fashion?

…online sales have leveled the playing field for young brands seeking access to consumers, marketplaces are giving smaller luxury brands and boutiques a bigger opportunity to reach a global consumer base.ç

4. Data science is hot.

“We are a technology company at our core. We operate at the intersection of luxury fashion, online commerce and technology.” (Farfetch)
What kind of data does it have? real-time inventory data, global behavioral and transactional data and pricing data for over 335,000 SKUs (unique units) from more than 3,200 different brands…
5. Growth at the cost of profit may be the new norm.

Amazon’s years-long model of investing behind growth before it finally turned a profit looks to be increasingly popular among companies eyeing online growth and seems to be accepted by investors.