10 conceptos/mito sobre Twitter… (inglés)
Mythconception #1: Twitter is something utterly new.
Mythconception #2: The fact that some people tweet about what they ate for breakfast is a sign that Twitter is shallow.
Mythconception #3: People who tweet what they had for breakfast are wasting your time.
Mythconception #4: Twitter encourages rampant narcissism.
Mythconception #5: If you follow someone on Twitter you’re honor-bound to read every word he or she tweets. Not doing so is disingenuous, or rude, or maybe both.
Mythconception #6: If someone follows you, etiquette demands that you follow that person back.
Mythconception #7: Twitter is a significant commitment that burns up a lot of time that busy people simply don’t have.
Mythconception #8: Your number of followers says something about how interesting your tweets are.
Mythconception #9: Twitter’s 140-character maximum is a liability.
Mythconception #10: There are right ways and wrong ways to use Twitter.