Nearly £1 million invested across 5 innovative organisations by Arts & Culture Finance latest investment round.

Origen: £1 million in new investments – the exciting business of arts & culture | Nesta

two insights come to mind:

  1. We tend to think of arts & culture in, well, arts & culture terms. We seldom stop to think about the economics of it and its place in the market economy. But actually, this is a sector that’s interwoven into so many other markets –retail, hospitality, public commissioning– and I suspect that it makes those markets more dynamic and creative (in a business sense) too.
  2. This stuff should be taught in business classes. Arts managers would learn valuable lessons about the plethora of ways in which organisations operate and sustain themselves. Mainstream business & finance students would realise that there’s more to making money than selling widgets, buying low and selling high –and that there’s synergy in creativity and business.