How To Create A Career Plan For Your Employees.

A really interesting study by a company called EdAssist explored the perceptions of both employees and managers of whose responsibility it is to drive career development. The results were very interesting:

  • 74% of employees say managers should provide professional-development training, 71% say managers should identify job opportunities and career paths, and 68% say managers should provide career-advancement mentoring.
  • On the other hand, 98% of managers say employees should continually update and improve their skills, 85% say employees should identify job opportunities and career paths, and 80% say employees should be responsible for building their job-hunting and career-planning skills.


Key Takeaways For Employees

  • You’re the best person to advance your career
  • Set short and medium term goals for yourself
  • Get feedback from your manager on your goals
  • Find out how your manager/company can help you achieve your goals


What Managers Can Do

  • Think About Your Business Goals
  • Communicate Frequently With Your Employees
  • Support Them However You Can
  • Set Goals And Follow Up