Explore your Passion for the Humanities: Music, Film, Literature The humanities are often described as the study of how people process and document the human experience, making it so relevant to developing empathy. Steve Jobs so often talked about how at Apple they tried to be at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. And what he knew so well is that an appreciation of the arts is really an appreciation of humanity and the human condition. Some might suggest the study of psychology as a more direct way to understand humanity. While certainly helpful, I find that simply a rational study of various psychological principles is far from sufficient to really appreciate them. Its the classic story of show not tell. And the humanities are a far better way to show and experience those various principles. You may notice your most well-read colleagues tend to have a stronger EQ as well. I personally love music and spend a ton of my time immersed in it. Find your passion and dedicate time to it. Not just for fun. But for improving your own empathy.

vía Developing User Empathy | Sachin Rekhi.