RECONSIDER — Signal v. Noise

RECONSIDER — Signal v. Noise.


The distortion is exacerbated by the fact that people building profitable companies outside the sphere of the VC dominion have little systemic need to tell their story. VCs, on the other hand, need the continuous PR campaign to meet their recruiting goals. They can’t just bag a single win and be content henceforth.

The presentation of unicorns is as real as the face of a model on a magazine cover. Retouched to the nth degree, ever so carefully arranged, labored over for hours.

The web is the greatest entrepreneurial platform ever invented. Lowest barriers of entry, greatest human reach ever. I love the web. Permission-less, grand reach, diversity of implementation. Don’t believe this imaginary wall of access of money. It isn’t there.

Examine and interrogate your motivations, reject the money if you dare, and startup something useful. A dent in the universe is plenty.

Curb your ambition.