McKinsey: the reality of Growth in the software industry

McKinsey: The reality of Growth in the software industry

I think the first thing is build a culture, bring the processes, and bring the talent in the organization. If you manage those three things correctly, and you stay focused on your core values, you have a good recipe.

You have to be clear on what we’re focused on—and what we’re notfocused on. So many times companies want to do 25 different things, or even 10, or even 5. Where, at the end of the day, it’s 2 or 3 that you have to be exceptional at.

Growth is absolutely a good objective for the trajectory. It’s just that in reality, companies do go through waves. Top management is being appealed on, at the moment that you’re on these transitions. Change management is the most difficult type of management. It is quite remarkable how, in many companies, every time there’s change management, they change the management. That, I think, is not necessarily great management.