5 Trends for 2016

trendwatching.com | 5 Trends for 2016.

Status tests (status seekers mega-trend)
consumers will embrace a new twist on a traditional form of cachet: exclusivity. That means STATUS TESTS that force them to actively prove their worth to the brands they want to buy from.

Contextual omnipresence (helpfull mega-trend)
smart brands will focus on answering a more meaningful equation: innovative channels + nuanced contexts = right place + right time.

Insider trading (better business mega-trend)
turn inwards, and start by ensuring your internal culture is something to flaunt, rather than hide.

Beneficial intelligence (ubitech mega-trend)
brands use increasingly powerful and accessible artificial intelligence technologies to put truly smart products and services into their pockets, homes, inboxes, and more.

Perspective shifts (pricing pandemonium mega-trend)
playfully reposition your product or service in order to offer PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS that shock customers into a radically new appreciation of the value you’re offering.