7 things you need to know about UX if you’re a Product Manager (by @danrhealy )

Origen: 7 things you need to know about UX if you’re a Product Manager

1. You are not the user

If you only take one of these tips away with you, take this one.


2. Understand what UX is and what it isn’t

UX isn’t just about making products look good. It’s about making products work beautifully because they meet the exact needs of the people that need to use them.


3. Don’t do it yourself

UX and Product Management are close but that doesn’t mean that the skills needed to perform each role are interchangeable. …these things shouldn’t be done in isolation.


4. Usable doesn’t mean valuable

…you need to make sure that you validate the idea with representative customers as soon as possible. If not, you could end up delivering something that you love but your customers just don’t get.



5. Your UXer is your friend

Involve the UXers early enough, as your friendly UXer can help you to deliver the kinds of delightful products that your customers will love…


6. There’s always time for usability testing

It’s a common myth that there’s no time for usability testing. There’s always time for testing – even if a product has gone live.



7. Everyone’s a designer

Every time someone had written a word of copy, chosen a colour, decided on where something should go within the product, they were making unconscious design decisions. All of these will have an impact on how easy to use your product is.