5 myths of digital transformation

vía Busted! 5 myths of digital transformation | InfoWorld.

Myth No. 1: “Digital” is a noun

Myth No. 2: Digital business strategy is driven by the cloud, big data + analytics, mobility, and social media

Myth No. 3: Digital transformation is about using technology to increase efficiency

Myth No. 4: Digital companies need a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Myth No. 5: Digital transformation is about “enabling new business models”

…companies that pursue digital strategies or decide to apply selected digital techniques have two highly desirable characteristics:

First, they’re far more focused on increasing revenue than on cutting costs. That means they care more about growth than margin — and that makes them more fun in nearly every respect.

Second, they have a far more intense focus on engaging with their customers and on making every interaction that customers have with them as enjoyable — or, if enjoyment isn’t in the cards, as painless — as possible.