3 tendencias en desarrollo de software para 2014

En Venture Beat

Os digo los «conceptos clave» si no queréis leer el artículo:
– Gamificación
– Lanzamientos «perfectos»

What about 2015?

The interesting thing about the enterprise tech industry has always been that it’s always taken a far more leisurely approach to adopting new technologies from the consumer space (and rightfully so). Enterprises can’t afford to experiment with tech that could potentially hurt their bottom or top lines; and so for the most part, the motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has held true for decades.

But more and more, we’re noticing that businesses worldwide are taking more progress approaches to new software technologies: implementing them in piecemeal, experimenting with them at a department level, and in general, just staying far more up-to-date with the latest in consumer software technology strategies.